We help you navigate the journey to AI.

We offer strategic consulting engagements to assess the communication challenges, brand vulnerabilities and other internal and external risks associated with the increased adoption of AI in your business. We then apply our expertise to help you plan for, and mitigate, any potential risks to brand reputation your company may face on the journey to AI adoption.
How we engage with you depends on your company’s unique needs and challenges:

AI Risk Assessment

We can apply robust research and advanced analytics to create a proprietary AI risk index for your company, which measures both the internal and external perceptions of AI related to your brand reputation, as well as your company’s specific AI initiatives.

AI Roadmap

Armed with research and our deep knowledge of AI across a variety of industry sectors, our consultants and communications experts can craft a tailored AI Roadmap for your business. Your AI Roadmap will specifically define the reputational risks associated with your company’s adoption of AI – whether it’s employee concerns, backlash from activists and policymakers, consumer frustration or any number of unforeseen issues. We then provide messaging and scenario-planning to address the specific risks to brand reputation we identify among your internal and external stakeholders.

Custom Consulting

We offer custom consulting engagements and workshops to maximize the benefits of AI in your business, while mitigating the risks to brand reputation.

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