AI Risk Index

The AI Risk Index integrates several layers of research to identify, measure and score the reputational risks of industries and companies adopting AI. As businesses large and small embrace the benefits of artificial intelligence, they need to assess and plan for the risks lurking in the shadows. Perceptions often lag well behind technological advances – and AI is no different.

The Approach

We created the AI Risk Index to assess the internal and external perceptions of AI in various industries, and among companies within those industries. Armed with our proprietary data and risk analysis, companies can begin, or continue, the journey to AI with full visibility into the challenges to brand reputation that may surface along the way.
In this inaugural study, we focused on measuring risk across three key industries—retail, manufacturing, and transportation—and select companies within each. Scores range from 0 – 100, where 0 indicates less risk preparedness and 100 indicates higher risk preparedness. Our proprietary research quantifies a company’s reputational risk based on company positioning related to AI and the perceptions of various stakeholders, namely consumers, industry employees, policymakers, activists and industry analysts.

The Results

Overall, our data finds that, while some industries and companies have less reputational risk than others, no industry or company is fully prepared for the transformational change on the horizon. AI poses serious risks for all three industries we studied—and even the most forward-thinking technology companies still have work to do.
The retail industry is the least prepared for the impacts from AI, earning the lowest overall industry score of 44.0, followed by the manufacturing industry at 49.3 and transportation industry at 55.3. Within each industry there is considerable variation among companies:
Retail: the company least prepared for the risk earned a 27.9, the most prepared for the risk a 52.6
Manufacturing: the company least prepared for the risk earned a 33.3, the most prepared for the risk a 62.0
Transportation: the company least prepared for the risk earned a 37.7, the most prepared for the risk a 68.8
Whether it’s investment in AI, media conversation around AI, employee communications around AI, or any number of other factors, each company in these three industries must do more to ensure that they can not only implement the technical aspects of AI, but also communicate effectively with their key stakeholders to minimize the reputational risks. With the AI Risk Index, we can break down each company into these key components to see which audiences and factors pose the greatest risks, and which present the greatest opportunities to engage.
Curious about the results, where your company would fall, or what you can do to prepare for the AI-driven future? Contact us for pricing or to learn more.

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