Is your company AI-ready?


In a world where AI is everywhere around us, the
human impact of this technology continues to take shape.

We have yet to understand all the potential risks and benefits of big leaps forward in AI – and the automation it enables. Not to mention small incremental changes in machine learning over time. Companies implementing AI need to understand the perceptions of customers, employees, policymakers, activists, analysts and other stakeholders. Only then can we evaluate impact and solve for any unintended erosion in your company’s brand reputation. 


The benefits of AI are real, but so are the risks.

We’ve done exhaustive, proprietary research that measures the risks to brand reputation associated with AI – by industry, by company and by audience segment. And the concerns go well beyond job losses and labor impacts. Your internal and external stakeholders are concerned about data privacy, hacking, the safety of AI-powered machines, ethical biases in algorithms and more.
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We help you navigate the journey to AI.

We help you maximize the benefits of AI while identifying, planning for and mitigating any potential threats to your company’s brand reputation that could be lurking in the shadows. We do this through strategic consulting engagements that assess the communication challenges, brand vulnerabilities and other internal and external risks associated with the increased adoption of AI in your business.
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Meet our team

Our team of AI communications and research experts is drawn from the vast network of Omnicom Public Relations Group agencies, with the capabilities and experience to meet any AI challenge you may face.
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Now is the time to start the AI conversation before opinion hardens.

By Justin Greeves and Luna Berhane
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